Monday, May 23, 2011

Cee-Lo Green - Cee Lo Shares Tv Stage With 'Unsung' Goodie Mob

Cee Lo Green thrilled fans at a recent taping of TV concert series Storytellers by bringing his Goodie Mob bandmates onstage with him.

The Forget You singer introduced Khujo, T-Mo and Big Gipp onstage during the televised special, which debuted in America on Friday (20May11), after telling the Vh1 studio crowd the act was "not heard, we were unsung... overlooked".

Cee Lo split from the group in 2000 but the quartet started performing together again in 2007 and Green has often brought his former bandmates onstage at gigs - they played four songs together during his West Palm Beach, Florida gig on 28 April (11).
Taking the stage for the Vh1 special all dressed in white suits, Green said, "At the very least, I considered us to be activists and I felt that we were fighting for the civil rights of southern hip-hop... I want you guys to meet the Mob."

The band performed Soul Food at the TV concert.

Green also used the special to pay tribute to his late mother, who died just before the Soul Food album was released.

He said, "It was just enough time for me to dedicate that record to her."

He then performed She Knows from Gnarls Barkley's Odd Couple album for the first time ever, and dedicated it to his mum, stating, "I feel like I'm doing her work and I feel like I'm living out her dream, her want for me. I believe that she's present, I believe that she's in the room. I believe that she's my conscience, she's my competence, she's my creativity, she's my consistency, she's my energy."

Green then credited his mum with "saving my soul" by giving up her life.

He explained, "I vowed not to ever disregard or disrespect that sacrifice... That's why I continue to be positive.

"She had willed something great for me to do... She was paralysed in an accident and deemed quadriplegic for about three years before passing and I watched her struggled; it was the most helpless I've ever felt. But, around the time that she decided to move on - it was a conscious decision - there was a transfer of energy; I took on my mother's spirit."

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