Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Britney Spears: `Being a mum helped me speak up`

Britney Spears has revealed that becoming a mother helped her 'speak up' about what she wanted.

The 29-year-old singer underwent a short stay in rehab in 2008 after shaving her hair off, but said that becoming a mother to sons Sean, five, and Jayden, four, with ex Kevin Federline, has helped her become a stronger person.

She told Harper's Bazaar, 'I feel like I'm drinking a tall glass of homemade sweet tea on a really hot, beautiful day.

'I think things through a little bit more, and I worry a lot. I'm more straightforward, and I speak up more than I did before.

'When I was younger, I wouldn't speak up as much, but now that I'm a mum, things have changed.'

Having recently watched Justin Bieber's movie, Never Say Never, she said that as a child star herself, it was easy to relate to the 17-year-old's life.

'I think he's adorable,' she said. 'I just saw his movie, and I really didn't realize how big he was. He's enormous - he's just Mr Man. A lot of the movie is really similar to what I did when I was starting out. I did a promo tour for a year, going into radio stations and all that. It was so cool to see our similarities.'

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