Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Botox Mom" Kerry Campbell Loses Custody of Daughter

Authorities in San Francisco have taken custody of an 8-year-old girl whose mother gave her Botox injections in preparation for beauty pageants, ABC News reported Monday.

The girl's mother, Kerry Campbell, revealed the questionable practice in a television interview last week, sparking a torrent of condemnation online and on television shows and prompting an investigation by San Francisco's Human Services Agency.

Campbell, a recent immigrant from Birmingham, England, said she was a part-time aesthetician and that injecting Botox in young girls was a common practice at beauty pageants.

'A lot of the moms there are giving their kids Botox,' she told ABC News. 'It's just one of he things you have to do to get into the pageants.'

The child, Britney, said that the procedure hurt, but that she was used to it and wanted to do it, 'because I don't think wrinkles look nice on little girls.'

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