Thursday, May 19, 2011

Big Brother Amplified: The game gets tougher

Tails housemates have been violating Big Brother's house rules, so as Big Brother gathered them all and started dishing all the counts, everyone’s cheeks dropped. Biggie said Miss P and double-offender Karen did not have their microphones on during a group conversation while Nkuli snitched on Danny, Luclay and Nic that they smoked in the House, when the garden was off limits. She then went on to mention herself and the said culprits to belong to a clique that calls themselves People With Swagg, the “PWS”. This was not the first time that Luclay had been punished for smoking in the House. During Week 2, Big Brother warned him and Ernest for the same offense and they were both punished. They had to wear fresh guava necklaces to ward off the smoke smell.
The game is surely getting tougher by the day. The Tails girls were spitting fire in their bedroom on Tuesday evening as they discussed how sarcastic, irritating, extremely annoying and two-faced Ernest was. Nkuli said it was one thing to annoy one person in the House, but to rub more than five people the wrong way was something else, implying that Ernest had just gotten on their last nerve. Lotus was also quite vocal on this one, forget that sizzling smooch they shared in the jacuzzi, she was with the girls now. After all, Ernest had made it clear that he would rather be with Bhoke, which was perhaps the reason why she was the only girl missing in this Ernest-dissection forum. There’s no prize for guessing where Bhoke was during this discussion–cosy in the lounge with Ernest.

Mumba also threw in her two cents worth. She said at the beginning Ernest struck her as a great person but he had been changing by the day. Kim couldn’t agree more, saying Sharon O and Felicia would be shocked to discover what Ernest had become. Remember that Ernest once told Kim and Hanni during Week one that Felicia had played footsie-footsie with his privates in the jacuzzi, which graduated to a hand job.

Monday’s nominations in the Tails House was full of surprises as Luclay decided to put himself up for possible eviction because he didn’t want to nominate anyone, and Head of House, Miss P saved the exasperating Karen from possible eviction. Karen, who had the most nominations, was saved in a last minute decision by Miss P, who switched Karen for Mumba although Miss P had originally nominated Karen. Kim gave a little smile when she heard her name being called out, Luclay swallowed hard, while Karen, oblivious to the fact that Miss P had saved her, seemed the most frazzled. “I need to pack,” she said. However, a couple of minutes later she told Lotus “I’m not going anywhere. I just got here!”

Nkuli however, did not seem to take her nomination in her stride and seemed to be the most shell-shocked of the lot. Her mouth flew open, in complete disbelief. She was stuck to one spot on the couch for over 30 minutes and did not speak to anyone as the reality of possible Eviction sunk in. Alex didn’t hesitate to put Karen and Nkuli on the chopping block, Bhoke was taken aback then sacrificed Karen and Nkuli, Danny nominated Karen and Kim because he believed they have strong characters and are major competitions. Though they had made peace, Ernest went for Luclay because he felt him to be a grudge-bearing person, and didn’t feel safe around him. His second choice was Karen because she was too insecure, which made her dangerous.

Karen rushed upstairs to dress up and look smart before returning the favour to Alex stating that she still didn’t know much about him. After pulling funny faces in the Chat Room, she eventually settled for Kim because she didn’t know if she was fake or just taking time to ‘come out’. Lotus nominated Kim because she didn’t “gel with her” and her fellow country mate Bhoke, so as to be the only standing representative from Tanzania. Kim dished a nomination back to Karen for being destructive and always in the way. She nominated Lotus for her inability to listen and for talking too much. Mumba nominated the Head of House, Miss P because she could save herself then she picked Ernest because he was becoming too loud and irritating.

Nic sacrificed Lotus because he hadn’t found any common ground with her even though the two had kissed in the jacuzzi. Nic added Nkuli to his choices saying he felt she was too distant. Nkuli, like Mumba selected Miss P because she could save herself then put up Bhoke because she didn’t add much value to the House. The Head of House, Miss P nominated Karen because she takes everything lightly while she thought Nkuli didn’t give her the time of day.

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