Thursday, May 26, 2011

Amber Rose admits she will `always love` her ex-boyfriend Kanye West

Model Amber Rose has admitted she will 'always love' her ex-boyfriend Kanye West.

The Model used to date the star and is now dating another rapper, Wiz Khalifa, but still speaks fondly of her ex-boyfriend.

Speaking to Vibe magazine, she said: 'People think me and Kanye are enemies, and we are not enemies. He wants the best for me, still. Let me say this: I still love Kanye.

'I will always love him as a person. I will always love him for what he's done for me. I still always have that soft spot in my heart for him. I am not in love with him.

'I do not look at him in a sexual way anymore. I'm in love with someone else. I still love him as a person and want him to find happiness like I did. Everyone deserves that.'

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