Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Meet the Middletons: Kate Middleton's "Commoner" Family

The Middletons have been thought of as the “commoner” family that Kate Middleton comes from. But in reality, while the Middletons might have their roots in poverty, they quickly found their way out of it.

The family contributed a hefty $100,000 to the Royal Wedding, which might just be a nickel in a bum’s coffee cup to the Royals, but for most of us, that’d be a dream wedding.

With their storybook background, the Middleton’s will no doubt add a jolt of diversity to the royal family, so we might as well get to know them.

The Grandmother: Dorothy Goldsmith Dorothy was a carpenter’s daughter and a coalminer’s granddaughter who grew up in poverty. She was regarded as a “bit of snob”, due to her desire to “be the top brick in the chimney.”

The Mom: Carole Middleton A former British Airways officer and flight attendant, Carole used good, old fashioned hard work to climb the social ladder. After her work as a flight attendant, she began a successful mil-order business called Party Pieces.

The Father: Michael Middleton Michael hails from a middle-class background and is a former flight dispatcher. Kate has been said to get her even temper from him.

Uncle Gary: Carole’s brother and Kate’s weed-loving uncle has had his share of scandal after he offered a reporter drugs and women at his home in Ibiza. Yet he still nabbed a wedding invite! Sarah Ferguson must be pissed.

Sis: Pippa Middleton Kate’s maid of honor and closest friend is known as one of the most eligible bachelorettes in the U.K. She took after her mother’s line of business and became a party organizer.

Brother: James Middleton James dropped out of college to become a cake baker. At only 23, James successfully runs the Cake Kit Company. It seemed to take off after he was seen in the tabloids dressed as a French maid.

After only a couple of generations, the Middletons have gone from a condemned London flat to $76 million Clarence House. And while Prince William might not have picked Kate up from the gutters of London, cleaned her up and invited her to Buckingham Palace for tea, their story is about as fairy tale as you can get.

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