Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Introducing Kitua Kollection

Jecinta Keshy is the motivating force behind the brand Kitua Kollection. She has always been in love with unique fashion accessories.   

A passion traced from family, she was groomed in an environment that was quite motivational in pursuing a trend so in her own words " I have been making different things for myself- skirts, handbags, hair pieces and so much more". The idea to go commercial has given birth to the brand KITUA. 

Her target market is the young professional woman who wants unique and African expressions through her fashion accessories. 

Jecinta is poised to change the world of fashion through creativity and art, with a strong desire to celebrate the beautiful African art and fashion. "I love to work with unique African materials- from our popular ankara to adire. "I see my work as my expression of art”.
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  1. Beautiful bags!!!! Wow, very creative- can I learn, where can I place m orders? Can I bring my fabrics too?

  2. Hello, please can I get contacts to Jecinta, my wedding is coming up soon!

  3. We all crave for that customisation, the little detail that set us apart from our peers, we dream of the effect our exclusive style will have on our personality! With unbelievable freshness, daring fantasy and sheer creativity, JC has succeeded in affording us the comfort to dream. Kitua Collections is a marriage between spontaneity and creativity. The result is YOU.....exactly as you have always wanted your fashion accessories to be.

  4. We left her contact on the post. Send us an email (standup2cancernaija@gmail.com) we will forward her full contacts to you. Thanks

  5. Beautiful designs and bags! Amazing. I will definitely be looking into this, thank you for sharing.


  6. Thank you very much, pls you can follow us

  7. 9ce designs...do u make side bags 4 guys too..i luv ur work..Kemuel

  8. You have to contact Jecinta for your bags, both male and female

  9. Hey, these are unique sets of bags. I love them. Can you leave the contact (on this blog) to the bag maker? Do they have a website?

    Please leave the contact details and website on your website - I'll check back for it.


  10. Hello, thank you all for all your comments- @ Kamuel- yes I also make bags for men.
    My contacts are thus:
    Blog: kituakollections.blogspot.com
    Fb page: http://on.fb.me/fUpI5g
    email: kituakollections@gmail.com
    Phone number: 0702-501-0966. Jecinta