Monday, April 18, 2011

Fresh Riot Breaks out in Kaduna State

Picture of the Riot in Kaduna State
A fresh riot broke out today Monday the 18th in northern Nigeria's Kaduna State with casualties feared and properties being destroyed after the presidential election.

Angry youths believed to be supporters of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) went on rampage following the report that incumbent Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan, a southerner was leading the presidential poll conducted on Saturday.

The situation is tensed as shops, banks, markets and other normal activities has been closed following the riot that is believed to be spreading to other parts of the state.
Security sources said that at least two churches have been burnt by the angry youths.

The source said a church, a fast food joint and several other properties are on fire.


  1. So sad we need to say a prayer for people there.

  2. wtf is rong wiv this cork suckers..... cpc is just a fxxxking militia party spearheading violence in thin fine country... that dude shuld be arrested menh.. wtf

  3. I don't really know what is wrong with these northerners,can't u guys accept that u've lost an election,besides there is no way cpc could have defeated pdp anytime anyday,not yet,so go back to ur homes and build a better nigeria,cause if the southerners attack the northers over there in the south what would happen.

  4. I pray it doesnt get to the point, that the southerns will attack. God pls let there be peace.

  5. not only churches but remember dat al d mosques in sabo are gone.but 4uck it al yal muslims can go eat shit cos goodluck has ice sighning out