Sunday, April 17, 2011

Making Love a fun way to lose weight.

Wake up love, it's time for your work out
If you're looking for a fun way to shift those new year pounds then you need look no further than the bedroom.

It turns out that over 48% of gym goers will not be renewing their gym membership this year (thanks to the VAT increase and the post Christmas squeeze).

According to the same survey 36% of those gym goers unable to renew their membership will be turning to their partners for a little extra loving in order to lose weight.
The survey by found that 41% of people surveyed claim that sex doesn’t feel like exercise, making it the perfect fat buster. The more you put into sex the more you get out of it - so ladies that means getting on top and letting lose.

Is making love the ultimate way to lose weight? We think it can only be a good thing, it brings you together as a couple and you'll have the shared excuse that sexy time is shape up time. He'll hardly need convincing!

An average person has sex approximately three times a week for about 24 minutes per session, which happily works out as about 450 orgasmic calories burnt per week.

Team your love making routine with walking and cycling to work and a few bedroom sit ups and you can lose pounds whilst saving the pennies.

We think it's genius - the couples in  SU2C9JA Team are loving it, but if you're single you shouldn't be needing this, there are some other forms of everyday calorie killing activities.

Based on 30 minutes of activity:

Housework: 111 calories
Dancing: 129 calories
Gardening: 118 calories

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